In God we trust!

Lucy Puniwai

Over 12 years helping military and contractors relocate from over seas. Real estate is my passion as it allows me to help others while providing for my family. Knowledge is power and in this industry it is important to work with an experienced and loyal agent. I represent my client's with dignity and respect and will always negotiate the terms that are in your best interest. I remain informed through continual education and in this constantly changing market, this is very important. Whether you are buying a new home and need the best deal from a Builder or a pre-owned home, I work diligently through the entire process from offer to close. If you are selling a home, we will meet and I will provide you with valuable information to assist you in determining the price that will get your home sold. Real estate is my full time job, I love it, I am committed and look forward to establishing a trusting relationship with you!